Astrology is perhaps my deepest passion. It satisfies my scientific brain, my spiritual curiosity, my intellect, my wish to understand and my busy questioning mind. It satisfies my very Jupiterian impulses to keep learning … and to deepen my understanding of people, nature, life and society. It enables me to connect with my deepest self and with that of others and source. All at the same time! The mind is our best friend and worst enemy. It’s our instrument to achieve what we want in life. It’s the sat nav to get you where you want to go. But if you don’t direct your mind, it runs amuck. Meditation has taught me how to focus it. An undirected mind is addicted to problems. If it’s not given a job to do, something to focus on, or something to learn, it remains in or goes back to the patterns or grooves it’s familiar with, which are more often than not related to problems. But familiar patterns lead to only one thing – more of the same, and no real growth.For me, astrology is the ultimate passion because I am connecting on all three major levels at the same time: with my own self and soul within, with the self and soul of the other person, and with source, the pulse of the universe the day the person is born and at the planetary transit or pulse of the universe the moment the consultation starts making sense

Ultimately it involves making sense and connections at the highest and deepest levels. Astrology helps me make sense of things at the most spiritual, practical, tangible and yet profound level. It is the most powerful way to connect with the pulse of the universe and the soul of the person that I meet. During a consultation, I use my mind, brain and reasoning powers to determine the meaning of the planetary, house and sign combinations in front of me. My mind and soul connects with the mind and soul of the other person, as the birth chart shows both the mindset, life and map of their soul’s evolution. The chart is a map of a soul’s journey and potential. It is a snapshot or impression of the mood of the universe at the moment a person or event is born. I connect with the pulse of the universe at the time of the birth of the person or the moment an event is initiated. I also need to be creative in guiding the client in addressing problems, or to create the life he or she wants.

“… in every person there is an activity that enables them to feel total connection with themselves and with the source, when they connect with their deepest passion … That is when the soul is on fire.”

When I am consulting with a client, my mind is thus in connection, expansion and creation mode all at the same time. I am centred in myself and connecting with the person, the pulse of the universe the moment of their birth and the pulse today (the transit). This is what happens when our soul is connected. It’s what Yeats wrote of: “How can we tell the dancer from the dance?” The soul of the person dancing is fully in tune with the activity of the universe.

The science of connection
Astrology is not based on intuition. It reveals and enables connections based on science. Different planets, houses and signs all have different qualities, all of which in their interplay compose a scientific trajectory of the person’s life, based on the planetary energies and impulses alive at the time of birth, those there today, and the free will of the person …Astrology is my vehicle for connecting with my soul’s fire, just as the carpenter becomes one with what he or she is making, or the artist merges with the painting. In that merging is the creativity, which results in expansion.

Creativity and expansion
When two minds meet, there is no expansion – just discussion, debate or argument, but no growth. But when two souls meet, there is a full connection, which enables expansion … which opens us up to the realm of infinite possibilities. During a consultation, my soul connects to the imprint of the soul of the universe at the time of the birth. When I practice astrology, I am so passionately engaged in the process, it puts me on fire. We all have that ability. For me, it is through astrology, but in every person there is an activity that enables them to feel a total connection with themselves and with the source when they connect with their deepest passion and not with superficial desires. That is when the soul is on fire.

Then there are mind-sets and tasks that disconnect us, where we fall into the familiar but often toxic grooves, where there is no growth, but rather safety and comfort with the familiar. Have you ever felt that your soul is on fire? We can’t feel that way all the time, but we can feel it regularly and daily, so that this fire gives us the energy to live our daily lives in a rich, creative, purposeful way.

After all, as Ferdinand Foch said: “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Above, I’ve written all about connecting, about connecting with one’s own soul, that of another person, and that of the universe. In my next post, I’ll try to answer the question: How can astrology help us in our relationships, from love relationships – including marriage! – to work and business relationships?