Many systems of astrology have been developed over the past few thousand years in all quarters of the world – by the Babylonians, the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Mayans and the Hindus.

The traditional Hindu system of astrology is called Jyotisha. It’s also known as Hindu astrology, Indian astrology and, more recently, Vedic astrology. It has its origins in the Rig Veda, the oldest of the four Vedas, which contain the spiritual teachings of Hinduism, and are thus the bible of ancient India.

Vedic astrology is different from Western astrology in a number of ways; the main one is that Vedic astrologers use a different zodiac.

Astrology is a vast and rich science, and offers extraordinary wisdom. However, you don’t have to learn all about astrology in order to discover the essential things about it and its benefits. You could know the whole science of it inside out, but still not really understand its essence unless you’ve experienced a reading and the insights and guidance that it brings.