Vedic astrology, ‘Jyotish’ in Sanskrit means the “science of light.” It has its origins in the Rig Veda, the oldest of the ancient scriptures of India and is known as the eyes of the Vedas because of the extraordinary insights it brings.

It can help us live in a more enlightened way as we develop an understanding of our life through the personal planetary placements that illuminate our chart and are a map of our challenges, and potential.

Astrology offers many opportunities for renewal, rebirth and transformation. Every time a planet moves sign and house in the sky, a new energy comes. Each time this happens there is a new variable which offers potential for understanding, new directions, renewal and growth. Just as the movement of the sun gives rise to the seasons and the moon the tides, each movement of the key nine planets triggers changes within and around us.

The moon moves house and sign every 2.5 days. Saturn spends 2.5 years in a sign. Every movement brings new possibilities. When one variable in a system is different the whole system that is our life has the potential to change.

The Planetary periods which enable us to predict timing in Vedic Astrology are like the chapters in the book of our life. They are ruled by each of the nine key celestial bodies and have between six (Sun) and 20 (Venus) years of dominance for the major period as well as all influencing shorter sub-periods and sub-sub periods.

Astrology is a great teacher and Saturn is the most powerful teacher with the movements of Saturn in our chart offering the greatest opportunity for growth and transformation – both in terms of transits in the sky and in Saturn’s planetary periods – major and sub. Saturn moves slowly but decisively and brings lasting change.

In life, it is a mistake to allow the shadows of the past hold you back. An understanding of astrology shows when chapters and doors open and close so you can make the best of knowing the planetary timings for optimum growth and simply to make sense of things.

Eclipses have the same potential. They give us a cosmic kick into action, to move forward or resolve old problems in areas we are not progressing that need to be brought into karmic balance.

Mercury and Rahu offer the greatest possibility for financial change, both positive and challenging. Mars gives us energy to act and pushes us to use our talents and brings frustration when we don’t. Movement of the sun inspires spiritual and personal growth and strengthening. Venus boosts our love-life and enjoyment of the world. Jupiter puts us on the right path. The moon rules our emotions.

Each degree and change brings something new. When planets are retrograde, things are happening under the surface, even though we may not realise it. When planets go direct, things come to the surface.

Every movement, every transit, every day and every sun-rise has a new potential. Always using our free will for others and our own highest good whilst engaging with life is ultimately what brings lasting growth and helps us realise that potential.