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Why Vedic Astrology

Astrology examines how the positions, movements and energy properties of celestial objects affect people and events on Earth. Just as the moon affects the tides, and the sun the seasons, each of the celestial bodies have their own influence on us. For more than 2,000 years, astrology and astronomy were one and the same science, but they went their separate ways in the late 1600s.

A good astrologer, through understanding the planetary influences in your chart, can help you understand the deeper meaning of and make sense of what is going on in your life - at all levels - physical, mental and emotional as well as your place and purpose.

A consultation will empower you with all the tools to get the best out of what lies within, around you and ahead. There are times for weeding, planting and harvesting in your life. Vedic astrology can help you make the best of any given situation and the opportunities that come your way.


All life events can be seen and understood with the help of the planets. Astrology can either help us to address personal, professional, financial, relationship and health problems or at the least, it can direct us to the best way forward in any situation given our own strengths, circumstances and the support we have.

With details of your birth date, time and place, a good astrologer can obtain an overview of your life; the good as well as the less good; give insights into challenges, clarify your strengths and help you plan and live a life that brings meaning, joy and growth.

Your chart is a map of your soul's journey and highlights what will unfold and what will inspire, challenge and fulfil you.

Happy and fulfilled
Astrology has many applications. It can help you understand what will make you truly fulfilled. It can reveal damaging behavioural patterns you may have that are holding you back or identify latent talents and suggest how best you can develop them.

Astrology can be used for choosing your career, your compatibility with a partner and help you understand what season you are in, in your life, so you can plant accordingly and reap the harvest of that particular time.

An astrologer can also help you determine the best timing for certain actions – for example, guide you as to the best time for expanding or signing contracts for a business or taking any big action that has consequences for your future.

Astrology can help you in many ways – whatever age you are, and at all stages of your life.

Astrology for all stages of life

Astrology can help you at any age and any stage, for example:
  • Identifying your main gifts or talents and what will bring meaning and joy to your life
  • Choosing what to study
  • Which career to follow
  • Help with your love life, compatibility guidance
  • Difficulties with conception
  • Improving the layout in your home; Vaastu – harmonious design of homes, workplaces and buildings (similar to Feng shui)
  • Health issues
  • Discovering what system of healing can be most beneficial
  • Choosing the business that’s right for you
  • Developing your business
Further, it can help you work out what to do when you are hit by a curve ball and life takes you in a different, unexpected direction.

Look into your future

We all have free will. We have the free-will to choose who we want to be and what we want to do in any situation. The planets influence our life circumstances and challenges.

  • Timing of key life events (marriage, promotion at work, business expansion - including when to take risks and when to be more cautious)
  • What kind of love life and emotional life are you going to lead? If it’s going to be rather turbulent, how can you make the best of this?
  • What events and hazards you can you expect in your life?
  • Will you inherit property?
  • Or will you face a dispute or litigation in your personal life or in business? How can you minimise related problems?

Guidance and remedies

At times it seems that life is like a game of snakes and ladders. Everything is going well, then suddenly you're hit by a tornado... and destiny takes you a different direction.

If you are facing challenges, we will give you insights into what approach may help you make the best of things, and suggest remedies and actions that will help you minimise risk, damage, pain or stress.

We also offer a muhurat (‘auspicious timing’) service if you want to choose the best time to begin a process or enterprise (eg, start a business), or to hold a ceremony (such as marriage).

Astrology is not fortune-telling; it recognises that we have free will.  A consultation will give you objective insights into your life, and circumstances  and also give you guidance to help you be in control of things. An understanding of the planets and your chart will help you help yourself.

Varaha Mihira

There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.

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