Just as the moon affects the tides and our own mental and emotional wellbeing, planetary transits have a powerful effect on everything from the weather to the global economy, to countries’ economies and our own individual lives. Every event and being has its own unique chart and is continually affected by planetary transits as life unfolds and time passes. In this article, I am taking a look at Ireland’s chart and what is coming up over the next few months.

It has always been hard for the Irish economy to find balance. The position of the Moon in our second house in Sagittarius sign in the country’s chart means the economy is either very good or not good – a feeling of feast or famine. There is little balance and we have difficulty in maintaining steady balanced growth. We also experience that in different parts of the country at the same time. We are prone to economic extremes. For example, the economy around Dublin and other urban areas has been strengthening over the last few years but many of the more rural counties have a feeling they are struggling.

The chart shows that more attention needs to be given to the youth, to solving their problems and developing them. Families need more support to stay together and get strong. Ireland as a nation and as a people has wonderful strengths and we will have ample opportunity to develop them to achieve strong results over the next few years. We will also see more women come into positions of authority which will inspire positive change for society.

From July 22, 2017, when we start Jupiter Mercury period, the next 2 years are very promising for the Irish economy.

Transit-wise, most significantly, Jupiter is moving from Virgo to Libra on September 12, 2017.

Industries in Ireland that will do particularly well are food, medicine, hospitality, consultancy, education and tourism – all industries related to the moon. It is a great time to boost trade, exports and develop our strengths on the global stage in these and related sectors.

As well as sectors mentioned above, it is an excellent time for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. A new shape will come to the Irish economy. New energy harvesting techniques will be developed. There is a lot of untapped potential and promise in Ireland related to developing teachers and education modules in the fields of construction, energy and other industries related to planet mars to export around the world. These areas will all grow significantly.

Rahu will move from Leo to Cancer and Ketu from Aquarius to Capricorn on September 9. This will further strengthen Ireland and attract additional Foreign direct investment. Foreign banks will buy more assets from Irish banks. Overall Property prices will further rise around the country.

Jupiter’s transit is also going to play a very important role to strengthen and unite the EU which has been under more intense pressure as a unit since Saturn moved into Sagittarius in January 2017. This will benefit Ireland’s relative position in the EU and globally.

Jupiter’s move to libra will significantly affect the relationship between three major players on the world stage; China, US and Russia. There will be more discussion, aggression and competition between them as they all jostle for power and try to influence the global balance of power in their own favour.