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An astrologer can help you with a broad range of issues, whatever age you are and at any stage in your life.

At Hellenistic Vedic Astrology we focus on whatever you want to focus on, on you and your life in general, on your character and potential, on your soul’s journey, or we can help you look into any specific matter that concerns you at a particular time and help you think through the outcomes so you can make the best of any situation or opportunity facing you.

Types of consultations

A Vedic astrology consultation can help you deepen your understanding of your life purpose, abilities, talents, psychological and behavioural tendencies and patterns, and how your strengths and weaknesses can propel you forward or hold you back from opportunities.

This foundation of understanding can help identify unhelpful patterns and ways to move forward from a stagnant period of life or identify the actions you need to take to address challenges or optimise opportunities and periods of change and growth in your life.

New insights
By better understanding yourself, you can see how your tendencies affect your work, relationships and gain insight into how to create more meaningful and fulfilling connections.

Vedic astrology can help you understand the potential of any period in your life so that you can work out how to make the best of it.


  • What should I focus on (or not focus on) at this time?
  • Where can you make most progress at this time ?
  • How can I make the best out of the next six months, or the next stage of my life?
  • Is it a time for planting or harvesting, learning, experimenting, starting a business, changing career, seeking promotion, having children, getting engaged or married, etc?

Vedic astrology can help you gain wisdom and understand your tendencies and behaviours, strengths and weaknesses, talents and potential, and thus embark on a rewarding and fulfilling career path.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting out on your journey of choosing a career, looking to enhance your current occupational life or seeking a change in direction.

By identifying your strengths, which can benefit your potential, by clarifying your talents and challenges, by understanding the promise of a given planetary period and by selecting the best time to take action, we can provide you with valuable information to aid your decisions and lead you to a gratifying and rewarding career path.


  • When is the right time and what is the best strategy for making a move?
  • When should I take risks, and when should I be cautious?
  • When is a good time to develop relationships and start new ventures?

Whether you have questions about your overall health or a specific concern, a Vedic astrology consultation can help you identify habits that support and hinder your wellbeing.

Through identifying stresses, behaviours or beliefs that may be hindering your wellbeing, you can examine areas where change is likely to help you avoid a potential ailment or improve the prognosis of an existing condition.

You can also find out what types of disease you are most prone to, and which system of medicine and healing offer the best healing and comfort for you.

Key considerations

  • When are you most at risk to poor health?
  • What are the recommended lifestyle changes required to optimise your health?
  • What treatments may help alleviate your condition and boost your health?

Running a business involves many decisions, including creating a strategy and goals, assessing risks, identifying opportunities and making a range of operational and logistical decisions daily. Imagine having outside insight into the appropriate paths to explore, ways to optimise your businesses prospects, and even establishing favourable times to take significant actions?

A Vedic astrology consultation can bring you these benefits – and more.

The path to success
We can help you identify potential areas of change in structure, protocol or approach that could aid the expansion and success of your business. We can also guide you on whether you are likely to be successful in a particular field of business, or on what kind of products you should sell, and so on.

Additionally, we can help you strengthen your team or address any operational, tactical or strategic problems that come up along the way.


  • When should I launch new lines in my business?
  • When should I take a risk, or be cautious?
  • When should I focus on expansion, or on internal strengthening etc?
  • Is it a good time to engage in a new partnership?
  • What type of business partnership would be most productive for me?

To reinforce our astrology work, we often recommend various remedies.

Vedic astrology seeks to provide people with tools and methods to access the deeper layers of their consciousness and empower them to deal with what affects them in their environment. The term ‘remedy’ is used to describe these tools and methods.

These Vedic remedies harness our internal energies so as to strengthen our positive relationship with the world around us. All are carefully selected to fit you, your beliefs and your circumstances.

Role of the planets
In astrology, the planets do not provoke any good or bad events. They convey the fruits of our previous actions to us, thus acting as mirrors that reflect our own deeds. Your horoscope indicates which planets are helping you and which are causing problems.

We will suggest solutions that will minimise those problems and ease any discomfort you are feeling.

Are you looking to settle down with someone and wondering about your compatibility?

Or, if you’re already in a committed relationship, would you like to learn how to better support and encourage each other, so that you flourish together?

A Vedic astrology consultation can help and your partner identify and understand the life patterns, tendencies, talents and potential of each another in an objective way. It will show you where you may irritate or hold each other back and how you can better help each other to grow and achieve potential as well as being generally more supportive.

Growing together
Exploring these areas can help you work together to support each other and encourage each other’s growth and development. This understanding can help you minimise and even prevent problems in your relationship escalating.

Timing and growing together

  • When is the best time for you to get married, to give the strongest foundation for a happy, fulfilled and successful life?
  • Where and how can we help each other most? What behaviours should we each avoid so we can be happy and healthy together?

Would you like to choose the best time to begin a process or enterprise (eg, start a business), to hold a ceremony (such as marriage) or to organise an event?

The chart of the moment – or the energy of any starting moment – is a map of the potential of the initiative or event.

We can help you select the best date or time to begin new projects, to get married, to hold a celebration, to start a new business, to undertake construction, to initiate legal proceedings, to make an investment, and so on.

Selecting an auspicious time for an event or undertaking can make a big difference in the outcome.

A once-off reading will give insight and valuable information that can help to transform your life. The benefits of Vedic astrology can be enhanced through regular consultations, so that challenges and opportunities can be understood and addressed as they arise.

As we grow and change, and move through various situations in life, the challenges we face both internally and externally also change.
Each of these situations can be examined and approaches developed that allow you to act in a way that maximises the outcome for you.

By taking action on the knowledge and insight gained through a consultation, you can grow and uncover various areas of talents, motivations and potential that you had not been aware of. Ongoing mentoring allows you to further explore these areas and grow into the person you want to be living the life you want to live.

Flexible tailored plan
We offer regular consultations, typically in the form of a year-long programme. Plans are bespoke and can be tailored according to your situation and needs. The frequency of contact is flexible. This is particularly suitable for people with high-powered jobs who want to make the most out of opportunities and best handle challenges that come their way.

The programme will enable you to:

  • Develop a personal plan for growth, based on your strengths and the planetary influences dominant in your life over the coming year / years.
  • Have support at key turning-points during the year when major challenges and opportunities arise so you can best navigate them.
  • Have regular mentoring using astrological insights, wisdom and understanding, meditation and mindfulness practices as well as good old common sense.

The regular consultations can be expanded beyond the immediately personal to include your business, and any other issues, concerns, challenges or opportunities that arise.

The process

At Hellenistic Vedic Astrology, we offer national and international astrology consultations in three ways: in person, by phone, or online.

We regularly host successful consultations by phone and Skype with clients from around the world.

An astrology consultation lasts for 60 to 80 minutes and consists of a chart analysis (explanation and interpretation), followed by an explanation of the quickest path to success, happiness or solutions to your problems and a discussion around next steps that will prepare you to live your best life.

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