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Calodagh Astrology A5 Cert

Are you looking for something special to give to someone special? Something different from the same old, go-to gifts … something truly personal, original and memorable?

A Vedic astrology consultation helps people to find the inner resources and means they need to live happy fulfilled lives, and change their life for the better. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

What better way to reward or honour someone special in your life, of any age?

The recipient of the Vedic Astrology Gift Certificate can choose the focus of the reading and consultation. It can focus on their life in general, on their character and potential, on their soul’s journey, on some issue that concerns them at a particular time. It can identify problems (personal or business) and solutions, or gifts and talents, and how best to develop them, or the best timing for certain events or actions, and so on.

Astrology can help you in many ways – whatever age you are, and at all stages of your life. All life events can be seen and understood with the help of the planets. Astrology can either help us to solve health, financial and relationship problems, or at the least we can find the best solution according to all the resources we have available at a given moment. Astrology can also help you to understand the deeper meaning of all life events in the context of your soul’s journey. The chart is the ultimate map of your soul’s journey and it can help you reach the full potential of any period of your life.

You can find lots of information about the various kinds of consultations on our main Consultations page.

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A great gift for any occasion

Our Vedic Astrology Gift Certificate is a great gift for Xmas, New Year, a birthday, a special occasion, or when someone is starting a new venture. Or you could give it to your loved one as an engagement gift, a moving-in together gift, or an extra wedding gift.

Many people purchase a Vedic Astrology Gift Certificate year after year because it keeps getting such an enthusiastic response.

The recipient of the certificate can choose if they wish their consultation to be by telephone, by Skype or in person at Calodagh’s office.

“I was so delighted with my reading that I gave it to a friend for his 50th birthday and he said it was his best present!”

– Emily Belfrage

We have designed the Gift Certificate in such a way that the person who receives it will immediately recognize its special value.

We know that some people may not be familiar with Vedic Astrology, or with the nature of an authentic astrological reading by a professional astrologer. You can rest assured that we take great care to ensure that their whole experience, from start to finish, is enjoyable and rewarding. You can find out more about the benefits of Vedic Astology by clicking here.

Calodagh will make sure that he or she is delighted with your gift!

Gift Certificate instructions

The Gift Certificate costs €120.

To pay by PayPal, just click the ‘Add to cart’ button below.

To pay by cheque, pay to ‘Hellenistic Vedic Astrology’ and post to: Calodagh McCumiskey, Rocklands, Wexford, Ireland.

The Gift Certificate will include Calodagh’s email and phone number for the recipient to book an appointment – by telephone, by Skype or in person at Calodagh’s office,

If you’ve any questions, you’re welcome to ring Calodagh at +353 (0) 87 1335230, send her an email at or fill out the form on our contact page.

“It was an amazing experience and one which I will repeat many times”

– Laura McBrien, Medical Device Planning, Team Leader 

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“I have never experienced an astrology reading as accurate and as sensitive as Calodagh’s. She is a wonderful person to connect with.”

– Helen Collison, Teacher

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