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What information do I need for an astrological consultation?

All you need is your date, time and a place of birth. If you do not know one or more of these details, it can be worked out based on the timing of key life events.

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How often do I need to have my reading done?

For optimal results, a minimum of once a year is recommended, or every six months if you have a lot of things going on. Or as problems come up.

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Can I do a deep reading on a particular issue in my life?

Yes, you can. We can choose exactly what to focus on – from your life in general, to a very specific matter that concerns you at a particular time.

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How long does the consultation last?

One hour.

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Is a phone or Skype consultation less effective?

No, clients give excellent feedback about both types of consultations. Calodagh has had many consultations and follow-up consultations by phone and Skype with people she has never met in person.

One person said: “I found the Skype reading made our consultation no less effective than if I had been face to face with her.”

He also pointed out another advantage of using Skype: “It’s good to know that if I need it I can contact Calodagh at short notice.”

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Do I need to belong to any particular religion to have a reading?

No, you do not. People from all belief systems, of any age, profession or nationality, and at all life stages can and do benefit from astrological consultations with Calodagh.

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How can I improve different aspects of my life by using Vedic astrology?

See Benefits of Vedic Astrology.

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How can planets influence me, my life or my business?

Planets govern your nature and your life in all ways. In the same way that the Moon has an effect on the tides, so too do all the heavenly bodies have an effect on people.

About the Moon’s effect, for example, Dr Gordian Fulde, director of the emergency department at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital for 30 years, says that throughout his career he’s found that “people really do behave more strangely than they normally do” at the peak of the lunar cycle.

Research by Dr Christian Cajochen, of the University of Basel in Switzerland, showed the rate of deep sleep dropped by 30 per cent around the full Moon, people took five minutes longer than normal to fall asleep, and slept for 20 minutes less overall.

“The lunar cycle seems to influence human sleep, even when one does not see the Moon and is not aware of the actual Moon phase,” Dr Cajochen said.

Sydney psychologist Adam Fitzpatrick, of Essential Psych Solutions, said that, based on the size of the Moon, he could predict the clients he would see in any particular week. He said that, when there was a full Moon, some patients were less in control of their emotions, while others just felt “not on their game”.

“I know at my own practice I see a lot more emotional distress, relationship problems, communication problems around the time of the full Moon,” he added.

See also The Science of Vedic Astrology.

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