Calodagh McCumiskey is a Navigator! Using Vedic astrology and her experience of life from a personal and business perspective, Calodagh can guide you to create the life you want and realise your dreams. We all know that life can take many twists. A personal consultation with Calodagh will bring clarity, creativity and connection to your life and business.

Client Testimonial

  • I had the privilege of being in Calodagh's company for one of her astrology readings. Which from start to finish blew me away. Her knowledge and accuracy is impeccable. She speaks with truth and honesty. Gave great direction and light to life. Being in the moment of time with her is always memorable, warm & spiritual. Noreen Tormey

  • When I went to see Calodagh for a reading I had no idea what to expect. I came away from that reading with a lot of clarity around what had shaped my past and present, and an insight into how best I could approach the future in order to create the life that I want. Calodagh is a wonderful person with a deep wisdom that she delivers with kindness, empathy, and fun. I have recommended her many times and will happily continue to do so. David Hamill

  • I understand the study of Vedic astrology to be an art and a lifelong vocation. To find someone in the West with this ability is truly a blessing. I have been blessed to have been able to have met Calodagh who is a true professional and an expert in her field. I have benefitted hugely from her readings and it has given me effective tools to implement when I have been faced with challenges. I can testify to this science and its positive impact in my life. I am extremely grateful to Calodagh and work she does. I would highly recommend a reading with Calodagh. Joe Lee

  • Calodagh used what I found to be a very accurate, insightful and thought provoking vedic reading as a guide to coach me in achieving my personal and professional goals. Calodagh provided me with a practical and no-nonsense plan and the tools to achieve it and after only one week I am seeing concrete gains already. I would thoroughly recommend Calodagh's services for anyone who wants to know themselves better and use this to grow and be happier. Phil Sturgeon

  • I had never had a chart reading and was a little unsure of what to expect. It was an amazing experience and one which I will repeat many times. Calodagh's amazing ability to read charts combined with her practical advice and guidance made me feel at complete ease with my current situation and helped me understand how to handle future situations and break old patterns. I can't recommend it highly enough - a truly amazing lady. Calodagh rocks! Laura McBrien